Tuesday, January 20, 2009

She's a Wonder...

Series 4 DC Universe figures finally found their way across my radar recently, and I was able to pick up Wonder Woman, Ares, and even the variant figure of Artemis. They're all great figures, which is something that I tend to take for granted when it comes to the Four Horsemen, but it's worth pointing out specifically just how nice these are.

Wonder Woman is maybe one of the best action figures of a woman that I've ever seen. More often than not, toys based on female characters seem to have been sculpted by someone that hasn't actually seen a woman in person. In this case, the exaggerated comic book form is there, but it's mixed artfully with what I'd call "normal" or natural proportions as well.

Wonder Woman

That, and she doesn't have a horse-face like so many other female action figures...

Which leads me to the second Amazonian that I was lucky enough to score: the "variant" figure of Artemis is equally great. The same praise applies to this toy as well, and again, I bow to the Horsemen's ability to crank out yet another perfect action figure.

Being a chase figure, Artemis could have easily sucked and it would have happened with little protest, seeing as how these will probably all be snatched up by scalpers anyway. But the figure of Artemis as Wonder Woman is brilliant, and it'll be a shame if these do end up being hard to find. (I could see a box set of all three of these figures selling pretty well at some point.)


Last but not least, is the very "Horseman-esque" figure of Ares. Reminding me so much of why I loved how they handled the He-Man line, this figure has a dead perfect sculpt with great detail, and a really nice paint job as well.


My only complaint with Ares, and this has applied to a number of Mattel figures in this 6-inch scale lately, is that his left knee pin wasn't pressed in properly. I've gotten used to the idea of heating and re-pressing at least one joint-pin per figure at this point, but with Ares it was especially difficult given the sculpt.

Once fixed--and we'll hope that Mattel pushes for a little better quality control with this line--Ares is an excellent figure, and has taken a place as one of my current desktop favorites.


On a side note, I recently found a great Wonder Woman collectibles Web site (experiencethewonder.com) that I'll be adding to my list of links for sure.

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