Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kenner/Hasbro - The Mummy

The MummyWhen this figure of The Mummy came out in '99 or 2000, I remember being somewhat impressed by the facial sculpt, but more so because of the fact that someone had to wrap the thing in bandages.

It's a nice detail, but it's also the main reason why there's no way that you can get his arms and legs to bend, and just like the Wolf Man, it's extremely hard to get him to stand for more than a few seconds.

What was different about this toy, was that it didn't come boxed like the previous two Signature Series figures that I've shown. The Mummy came sealed in a plastic tube that made for a better packaged display. The other big change is that the Kenner name is now vanishing from these toys, and we're only seeing the name Hasbro on the packaging.

I've mixed feelings about that. One the one hand, I miss the simple fun that always seemed to come with Kenner toys. As silly as most of what they did was--at least during the '90s--you could really count on a Kenner toy to be entertaining.

On the other hand, I'm not sorry to see things like this painfully dull doll body that they used for most of their figures go. With Hasbro came a well needed revamp... or at least they gave it a try, not always succeeding I suppose.

The Mummy


jboypacman said...

another great one!

Newt said...

Actually this Mummy camed boxed as well. Kharis came only in the tube, though.

plasticfetish said...

That's a fact. He came boxed in that Frankenstein, Wolfman, Mummy set also.