Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Topps WWE Heritage Cards

I'm not really a huge wrestling fan, but I'll admit that I do love the history and really appreciate the general idea of real life superheroes and villains come to life in the ring. So with that in mind, any kind of tribute to the past, especially in the form of a trading card series, is going to catch my eye.

Topps put out a Heritage edition of WWE cards this past year, and I finally picked up a few packs to check them out.

WWE Heritage

As with all Topps Heritage cards, these are really nice. They're based on the 1985 card design from the first ever WWE card set, and come with a seemingly massive variety of extras and inserts.

WWE Heritage

So like I said, I may not be a die-hard wrestling fan, but this set of cards by Topps is enough fun that it may just satisfy my endless need to collect something by Topps at all times.

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