Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vampire Blood

I can't adequately express just how important this particular product was to me as a kid. In 1979 I was eleven years old, and horror movies were a really big deal to me. As you might imagine, horror make-up was equally important, as just about all of my friends and I had big dreams of one day working in movies, and we all wanted to do special effects that involved massive amounts of fake blood.

This simple product was pretty much the gateway drug that lead me to latex, burn-scar effects, and making my own horrible batches of sticky and nasty fake blood. Finding this carded and unused tube of old "Vampire Blood" just a few days ago was kind of a big deal, and I'll admit that I'm having a hard time resisting the urge to open it up... but I won't.

Vampire Blood


Caffeinated Joe said...

Me, too! How much of this did we buy? LOL

Tom said...

I still have my dried up tube from childhood. Man, how I wanted to really make myself up for Halloween, but it was all I could afford. So I got into my mom's makeup, covering my face in powder and mascara and finally smearing vampire blood on my nose and mouth. I was supposed to be a werewolf. Everyone thought I was a hobo with a bloody nose.